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 Hit the open road ....

EXPLORE                       unspoilt coves 

With no cars allowed on the island and just seven taxis you can travel the traditional way, by horse and carriage or we can drive you in ‘APY’ our TukTuk. There is also a bus service and various boat trips to the beaches around the island.

Elysian Villa TukTuk

Spetses is a beautiful and cosmopolitan island in the Saronic Gulf with a long history and a remarkable nautical and cultural tradition. The landmark of the town is Dapia Port with its famous square and the statue of Laskarina Bouboulina, a heroine of the Greek war of independence.



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The best thing to hire a motorbike or ATV and take the circular car-free road around the island, stopping at the many beautiful beaches and tavernas on your way. The scenery along the 26km route is truly stunning!

elysian villa experiences qaud and scooter spetses

Those with more energy can cycle or run the route - which is exactly what people do every year for the Spetses Mini Marathon. Don't forget we have a selection of bikes for use during your stay.

elysian villa cycling coast road spetses

In the centre of it all.... if you prefer to travel firmly with your feet on the ground then our perfect location allows you to do just that, as the Old Harbour and beaches are all a mere 5 minute stroll away.

elysian villa near old harbour spetses

Elysian tender is the ultimate way to upgrade your villa stay. Let the knowledgeable crew take you to secret coves only accessible by boat. You can enjoy this amazing experience for your whole holiday or just one day (additional cost)

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