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Why Spetses?

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

My name is Beth and I am the very proud owner of this little piece of heaven, Elysian Villa on the stunning island of Spetses.

It's funny, every single guest would ask me....Why Spetses? You live in the UK and you run a business in Greece? What's your story? I always chuckle like a teenager, as my answer to why I chose this island is the same answer I hear from most of our wonderful guests. Spetses is special and my love affair with the island started when I was a teenager. A family holiday of fun filled freedom and the 17-year-old who drove me around the island on the back of his moped. I was mesmerised by this cosmopolitan world of laid-back glamour, where super-yachts were moored next to traditional fishing boats. Celebrities and Hollywood A-listers could be sat at the table next to you in a charming seafront taverna and no one would make a fuss.

It was the most magical summer and felt like something from a movie. An aromatic green island steeped in history, where no cars are allowed and a horse & carriage transports you to the quaint picturesque Old Harbour. Here you can swim in isolated coves, eat amazing seafood, dance the night away and watch sunsets that I promise will beat anything you see in Santorini.

Spetses old harbour

I was hooked and have been visiting the island ever since. This is a surprise, considering my travel mantra is never go back to the same place twice. I'm passionate about travel and love to experience new places, as I feel the world is too big to explore in one lifetime. Returning to the same destination could mean missing out on a new adventure elsewhere, but Spetses is different.

Spetses is the only place in the world that I just can't stay away from. I love the smell, sights, sounds and buzz that I feel as soon as I arrive in Dapia. It's like a reset switch gets pressed the minute my feet touch those cobbles. My body immediately relaxes, I feel the warm sea breeze on my face and escape into paradise. The friendly familiar faces you see as you pass by, leave me feeling giddy with excitement every time. It feels like home, a magical life that pauses the minute you leave and restarts exactly the way you left it when you return. It has always felt like home even before Elysian was born.

It's lovely listening to the guest's stories of growing up spending their childhood summers on Spetses. They now watch their children enjoy this stunning island in the same way they did, loving the freedom of this safe paradise and creating their own stories and memories that will certainly be treasured for years to come.

Elysian villa Swimming pool and garden

Fast forward 20 years and real life with children, responsibilities, a career and not forgetting the world's most amazing dog, keep me firmly in the UK. I'm fortunate enough to have worked hard and had a little luck, which has enabled me to pursue my passion for travel and stay in some of the best hotels in the world. At this stage in my life I am what my husband calls a "hotel snob". I hate this word, but I am ashamed to say he might just be right.

I found that when traveling with our four children, finding hotel accommodation suitable for our growing family was a nightmare, especially if grandparents were also in tow. When you have a busy working family life between precious holiday time, the last thing you want to do is make your bed, organise breakfast or have to compromise on the comforts you enjoy at home. I wanted to take the amazing personalised service and comfort of an ultra luxe 5 star hotel and merge it with the safety, flexibility, size and privacy of a villa. The idea of Elysian Villa was born and I knew there was only one place in the world I wanted to do this....Spetses!

Greece's best kept secret.

Family villa Elysian Villa Spetses


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